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How to properly maintain your leather shoes

[ad_1] Ihuoma Chiedozie Taking care of your shoes would not only make them look better, but also make them last longer. This is especially the case for leather shoes. Most of the shoes are made from various types of leather, which are proven to be reliable, stylish and durable. But despite being tough materials, they […]

Meet Bendy, the eco-friendly leather shoes that won’t go crazy

[ad_1] Check out Bendy, a flat leather shoe that looks like a cross between an espadrille and a huarache. It also happens to have a low carbon footprint, generating just 4.5 pounds of greenhouse emissions compared to the 30 pounds generated by the average sneaker, according to a life cycle assessment conducted by the MIT […]

You probably don’t look good in a leather jacket

Most people can’t pull off a leather jacket – it’s just an unfortunate fact of life. Normally this would not be a problem. For example, since you would look like a weirdo if you were wearing a top hat these days; most people don’t wear top hats. But the major failure of our society is […]

These handmade leather bags are the perfect weekend outfit

[ad_1] There are bags that you keep for a status symbol, whether it’s because of a brand name or how they match your clothes. Then there’s that leftover baggage, intended for everyday travel and passed on to your kids for their own adventures. These Kodiak bags are firmly in the latter camp – but as […]