Monthly Archives: December 2019

How leather shoes are made in the old country

Our world today may be faster and more efficient, but we can learn a lot from the older generations. How to cook, how to live and even how to make everyday objects designed to last. I traveled to Guatemala, to a place about an hour and a half from the country’s capital to find out […]

These handmade leather shoes are built in the basement of a Queens apartment

“I’ll go out right away,” I heard muffled somewhere nearby, then echoed into my phone. A door creaks open and I turn to see Andrew McAteer emerging from the basement stairs to greet me on a quiet suburban street in Astoria, Queens. I follow him up the concrete stairs, paying attention to the low clearance […]

Eva Mendes only buys faux leather shoes and bags

When it comes to bags and shoes, Eva Mendes only wears faux leather. The Cuban-American beauty took to her social media to share a quick clip in which she wears some new pieces from her latest collection with New York and Company. “Muchachas (and some muchachos) this Ginger blouse is SO beautiful. I also love […]