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14 of the best vegan leather bags that are really super cute

Courtesy If you’re not quite ready to go completely vegan (mac-n-cheese has insane magnetism, I get it), there are a few animal-dodging steps you can take with your next purse purchase. Ladies and gentlemen, can I interest you in vegan leather bags? Yes, they look as luxurious, smooth and creamy as the real ones. But […]

Ghurka makes luxury leather bags that celebrities love

Grab the bag that LeBron James, Meghan Markle and other stars love to wear. The Clevelanders know quality. So when the opportunity presented itself in 2018, Cleveland-hailed Anna, Steve Latkovic and Glenn Pollock jumped at the chance to bring the headquarters of luxury leather goods brand Ghurka to Cleveland. “What really made me fall in […]