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10 vegan leather bags you’ll fall in love with

[ad_1] The world is becoming aware of the unnecessary impact on the environment and on animal welfare of the use of animals for food every day. Yet so much still depends on animal products, and style is no exception. What should an eco-responsible fashion lover do? We suggest you start with these ten insanely stylish […]

10 best vegan leather bags of 2021

[ad_1] Design by Morgan McMullen The first step in creating a more sustainable society is to support fashion brands that are committed to providing these very environmentally friendly products every day. A good place to start is vegan leather, aka faux leather, bags that look sophisticated and stylish, while still being safe, cruelty-free, and high-quality, […]

10 best vegan leather bags of 2021

[ad_1] Vegan leather bags are becoming more and more popular, thanks to the hard work of designer and independent brands that are abandoning traditional leather and suede for materials that don’t require the use of animal hides. Whether you are looking for a great looking faux leather shoulder bag, cross body bag or backpack that […]

Cruelty-free vegan leather bags to add to your handbag collection

[ad_1] Over the years, leather bags have become a staple of the wardrobe. Thanks to modern technology, however, vegan leather is in (and totally affordable). While “real” leather is made from animal skin, faux leather and vegan leather offer an ethical alternative that not only looks good but is comfortable to wear. But, there is […]