9 Styles of Leather Jackets to Bring Out the Best Version of You

When you combine attitude, heritage and unfiltered machismo, you get a classic piece of clothing, better known as leather jackets. Regardless of your profession or interests, the leather jacket is the perfect option for all seasons. From the classic biker leather jacket to the bomber leather jacket, whatever your personal preference, it adds an extra edge to your everyday look. But what about the latest models of leather jackets?

There’s a lot to a leather jacket, more than meets the eye. There are many types of leather jackets, each a better choice for a specific scenario. This article will mention different styles of leather jackets that will bring out the best version of you. So let’s go…

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Custom Varsity Jackets

If you want to get the best version of yourself, a little customization goes a long way. Custom varsity jackets are the most versatile options when we talk about leather jackets. The personalized element of these shirts allows users to customize the jacket as they wish.

For example, you can add your custom logos, designs, and names. Apart from customization, these jackets are designed with wool, which makes them perfect for the cold winter. Not only are these jackets warm, but they are also very comfortable.


Bomber jackets are the latest in leather jackets. These stylish jackets follow the style inspired by flight leather jackets. What is so special about the design of these leather jackets is that they are loose from the midsection.

They also have a front closure managed by a zipper. In addition, the waist and cuffs of this leather jacket are inlaid with knitted fabric. For a comfortable feel to users, the bomber jackets also feature a rib knit crew neck. This collar adds to the style and beauty of these jackets.

The pockets on the sides of the jacket also add to the class. Plus, you can carry more stuff.

Bring out the best version of yourself with nine styles of leather jackets

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Leather trench coat

Leather trench coats are not your typical leather jacket styles. They unfold throughout to allow you to put forward the best version of yourself.

These leather trench coats have many pockets, namely two patch pockets with flaps on the outside and two or three on the inside. So carrying many different options with a leather trench coat will not be a problem. However, wearing the leather trench coats will require some skill to get the most out of them. Men have redefined how trench coats work in the modern world, so you need to catch up on some fashion tips.

However, here is the best part. If you go with trench coats. Trench coats are an ideal choice for transitional times, especially rainy weather. But, if you are considering buying a leather trench coat, pay attention to the fabric and its construction. These two elements tell you the quality of your trench coats.

Military jacket

If small pockets on a leather jacket are a problem for you, then the military jacket is here for you. Originally, the field leather jacket was inspired by the leather jackets worn by the military. But the military jacket is distinguished from other jackets by its four pockets on the front.

If you want to fulfill utilitarian purposes, the Field Jacket is a workable choice. Besides for utility purposes, field jackets are a great companion if you are hiking or camping.

Bring out the best version of yourself

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flight jacket

Flight jackets are rich in history. The use of flight jackets dates back to 1950, when they were introduced by military forces. Flight jackets have a unique design as they feature two flap pockets on the front of the jacket.

Moreover, these jackets also feature the collar style followed by the design of the shirts. Now a lot of people wear flight jackets. However, most of them turn out to be pilots. And hence, this leather jacket is called “flight jacket”. Some people also know flight jackets as bomber jackets.

But here’s a fun fact you might not know: flight jackets have become bomber jackets, which we mentioned earlier in the article. So, it can be said that flight jackets are full of class.

Aged leather jacket

Distressed jackets are more than just a style of leather jacket; it’s a whole new style. Distressed leather jackets come in different types, best suited for motorcyclists, racers, or anyone who wants to rock a cool look.

The magic of distressed leather jackets is in the way artisans dye them. The dye on this leather jacket gives it a worn and aged look, hence the name “Distressed”. So, in conclusion, any jacket can be a distressed leather jacket as long as it has excellent handcrafted texture.

Bring out the best version of yourself with nine styles of leather jackets

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Shearling leather jacket

If you’re looking for a leather jacket for outdoor activities, like camping, even beginner guides know that a sheepskin leather jacket is your best bet. These types of leather jackets are outerwear with an inner lining of fur or sheepskin. Features like fur and shearling inside play an important role for this jacket to provide more comfort to the user inside.

Apart from outdoor activities such as camping, sheepskin leather jacket styles also do well in different styles. These different styles include the biker, trench coat, and flight style.

Sheared leather jackets are your best bet for riding on a snowy day. The design of these jackets offers lapel collars or a shirt with soft fur and shearling lining. So, wearing a Shearling leather jacket will also help you go out in the winter without the fashionista scarves.

Quilted leather jacket

Quilted leather jackets make this list, not for their style but for their design. When we talk about recent trends, we think of quilted leather jackets. In addition, these quilted leather jackets are also very versatile.

As quilted leather jackets are available in different designs and colors, you will have many options to choose from.

Bring out the best version of yourself with nine styles of leather jackets

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Biker Jackets

Add asymmetric studs and zippers and you have the most stylish outerwear for a biker. Biker leather jackets date back to 1928, and they’ve been giving bikers an effortlessly cool look ever since.

The design of this leather jacket is designed to allow riders to lean over without the jacket’s zippers digging into their body. The best way to get the most out of biker jackets is to pair them with skinny jeans. However, if you pair them with an Oxford shirt and a knit tie, you can also use biker jackets for a formal event.

Are leather jackets fashionable 2021

After reviewing some of the different types of leather jacket styles to help you become the best style version of yourself, the ball is now in your court. There are many different options for leather jackets, but you have to roll the dice.

Before choosing a leather jacket, make sure that the leather used to make the jacket is genuine leather. Are leather jackets fashionable in 2021? Hell yes they are.

We hope this article helps you find the best version of yourself.