Affordable vegan leather bags that look surprisingly high-end


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If you’re a conscientious shopper – or someone who appreciates trendy bags under $ 200 – you probably know the name Matt & Nat.

The Canadian company produces everything from small dog accessories to surprisingly luxurious bags without using animal products.

Although the label is technically vegan, it is also increasingly a mainstay for buyers who may not be able to tell the difference to begin with. Despite their looks, these bags are affordable and easy to find (they are available at Zappos, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Amazon and on their home site).

The collection runs the gamut from clutch bags and backpacks to weekends, but most cost between $ 100 and $ 175. The dominant design theme finds a happy medium of rich minimalist color palettes and clean, structured silhouettes that appear distinctly “fashionable” from a distance.

As an added incentive for the conscientious customer, the company uses recycled water bottles for their bag liners, recycling around 21 bottles per bag since implementing the practice in 2007. Recently, the label has also started to use recycled bicycle tires as a new material.


The Laverne bag, $ 160.

Matt & Nat

However, it should be mentioned that buying vegan bags can be a complicated affair if its ethics are your motivation. Some companies (Matt & Nat included) source relatively eco-friendly materials like nylon, cork, and rubber, but popular vegan synthetic leathers aren’t good for the environment, and some, like PVC, have an impact. rather important. If you feel drawn to both ecological causes and animal rights (and you don’t easily fall in love with something made of cork), these are the values ​​you hold most dear, or those who trust you the most. can complement enough in other areas of your life.

In an effort to get around this vegan bag warning, Matt & Nat say they’ve experimented with different recycled materials (such as the aforementioned recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber and cork) to produce a more sustainable collection, as well as a cruelty-free collection.

Regardless of its veganism, however, the company’s trendy, inventive, and intuitively minimalist designs may be inspiring enough, especially with a product line that is no more than $ 200.

Since buying vegan bags online can be hit or miss, we’ve reviewed a few Matt & Nat bags in person. If you want to learn a bit more before deciding if it’s worth buying one for yourself, check out our individual experiences below.

We tested the Matt & Nat bags in person. Here’s what we thought:


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