Bellroy’s vegan leather wallet is 100% natural

Bellroy, known for its iPhone 13 cases, EDC organizers and MacBook sleeves, is launching its new plant-based leather wallet. A refined version of its previous generation pocket wallet, the new Slim Sleeve vegetable leather wallet is now available in limited quantities with a custom-developed leather alternative “with 100% natural inputs” and a series of elements practical design features to make the wallet experience as seamless as possible. Offering a form factor aimed at people who need more capacity than compact cardholders, be sure to head below for a closer look at Bellroy’s new Plant-Based Leather Slim Sleeve Wallet.

New 100% vegetable-based leather wallet from Bellroy

The latest edition of Bellroy’s Slim Sleeve Wallet is made of an innovative plant-based leather alternative with a “premium look and feel”. It’s designed in conjunction with the folks at Natural Fiber Welding of Illinois with a material known as MIRUM – the all-natural “first alternative to leather”:

Natural Fiber Welding’s plant-based MIRUM is the first all-natural, plastic-free leather alternative. Instead, it harnesses the abundant, self-healing cycles of nature to create something with radical possibilities.

The leatherette part of the design is made from natural rubber, soybeans and pine charcoal with the rest of the elements of the MIRUM Slim Sleeve featuring a cotton construction, including the seams that hold it all together .

One of the cotton elements is also one of the things that sets the Slim Sleeve design apart from some of the basic flip wallets. Pull-out storage saves space by stacking seldom-used cards which are then accessible when needed using the cotton tab to help pull them out quickly and neatly from their storage position.

From here you’ll find two quick-access slots to keep your daily cards handy with enough space for around nine or ten more. Folded bills also have their own hidden home behind the left card slot area of ​​the plant-based leather wallet. The whole thing measures 95 x 80mm and is small enough to fit in even the most bespoke pockets, according to Bellroy.

Bellroy’s new Plant-Based Leather Slim Sleeve Wallet is now available as a limited edition for $99.99 shipped. Standard Edition models, without the MIRUM treatment, start at $70 on Amazon and choose as long as $79.

Taken from 9to5Toys

While in some ways it’s just another well-made wallet that costs more than perfectly capable solutions on Amazon, Bellroy is at least trying to make it stand out. All of his gear that we’ve had the chance to put into practice has impressed us, and there’s no reason his new plant-based leather wallet shouldn’t. The MIRUM is a particularly nice touch here as many green solutions still use some sort of processing or additional materials alongside the renewable textiles, unlike the actual chemists at Natural Fiber Welding – you can get a detailed breakdown of the process on MIRUM by the Dr. Luke Haverhals from NFW here.

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