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Buy Now Buy Now, Pay Later with Citrus North

Jamin Leather has a brand innovative Buy Now, Pay Later option that uses Citrus North. It is subject to credit verification and approval, and a down payment is required. Cross River Bank, Member FDIC, makes citrus North loans. Citrus North Overview and Application Process What exactly is Citrus North? Citrus North is a financing alternative […]

This web 3.0 platform lets you lend and rent valuable NFTs

With the widespread and rapid adoption of Internet 3.0 and Non-fungible tokens (NFT), cryptocurrencies and block chain have become common parlance for most millennials who earn. However, as a relatively new mode of financial transactions, these concepts come with their own set of risks. Singapore-based platform Defy aims to address these risks and make NFT […]

How buy now, pay later loans could alter credit

Expanding access to credit is a laudable goal. Too many people can’t get a mortgage or an emergency loan at a reasonable rate because they can’t show a strong credit history. They might pay more for insurance or make large security deposits to get utilities or rent an apartment. Recently, the three major credit bureaus […]

Open Lending Co. (NASDAQ:LPRO) Expected to Post Quarterly Sales of $46.81 Million

Equity research analysts expect Open Lending Co. (NASDAQ:LPRO – Get a rating) will report sales of $46.81 million for the current fiscal quarter, Zacks Investment Research reports. Five analysts have made Open Lending earnings estimates, with the lowest sales estimate standing at $44.70 million and the highest estimate at $49.82 million. Open Lending reported sales […]

Buy now, pay later Loans will soon appear on credit reports

Image source: Getty Images If you use buy now, pay later loans, account activity may soon show up on your credit report. Key points The three credit bureaus plan to include data on buy-now-pay-later loans in consumer credit reports. This change could help consumers who use BNPL’s services improve their credit. With this news, consumers […]

Martin Lewis’ advice for struggling families turning to payday loans

Martin Lewis has given advice to families turning to payday loans as the cost of living crisis rages. Soaring energy, fuel and food costs, coupled with worries about paying household bills, are driving growing demand for payday loan interest to make ends meet, a new survey has found. Experts warn that payday loans can be […]

Despite RBI Restrictions, Loan Apps Continue Their Dirty Instant Loan Games – Full Report!

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had issued rules against extortion from fake lending app companies in June 2020. Later, a task force was also formed on the same subject whose draft report has been received but the final rule has not yet come. Despite this, the instant loan dirty game continues. The number increases […]

Startup Bridgit raises $7.7M as non-bank funding soars

Nick Jacobs and Aaron Bassin Australia’s non-bank lender is looking to fill the void left by big banks unwilling to offer bridging loans to buyers. The startup gives its customers access to the value of their property, so they can buy their next home without selling first. Non-bank lenders offering financing solutions are gaining acceptance, […]

Need an immediate loan? These local digital lending startups can help

If demonetization helped India to “accept” digital paymentsthe Covid-19 pandemic further accelerated the growth of the segment. In fact, India is one of fastest growing fintech markets in the world. The increase in internet penetration has led to the rapid adoption of the products of the new era of Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), […]

Payday loans and overspending got me £11,000 in debt

If you’re struggling to make ends meet, you might think payday loans and credit cards are your only option – but it has landed Miranda Malanga £11,000 in debt. Miranda, 34, who lives in Oxfordshire and is now a security manager at a pharmaceutical company, found herself in a ‘vicious circle’ of taking out payday […]

Google Takes Advantage Of ‘Predatory’ Lending Ads Promising Instant Cash | google

Google profits from ads promoting ‘instant’ money and loans delivered ‘faster than pizza’ despite pledging to protect users from ‘deceptive and harmful’ financial products. The adverts were shown to people in the UK who searched for terms such as “quick money now” and “need financial help” and directed users to companies offering high interest loans. […]

Instant loan on apps used as bait to extort money

The next time you are lured by mobile apps offering loans in a jiffy without paperwork – Beware, you could not only get yourself into trouble, but also involve your friends and loved ones in a web of threats, abuse, blackmail and extortion. The Mira Bhayandar-Vasai Virar (MBVV) police cyber cell unit has arrested two […]