Classic fashion brand Fossil launches vegan leather bags made from cacti


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Classic fashion brand Fossil is launching a line of cactus-based vegan leather bags.

The American company has partnered with Desserto, which makes cruelty-free leather using organically grown cactus leaves.

Fossil Kier Cactus Leather Tote

Its Kier Cactus leather tote is available in green, brown, red and black. They are priced at £ 279 ($ 298 USD).

Additionally, Fossil claims that each tote bag saves 7.5 liters of water and “meets the same performance and durability standards as regular leather.”

“If the Kier tote were created in regular leather, it would actually cost more,” the company said on its website.

“We make Cactus Leather products competitive to ensure that pro-planet alternatives are accessible to all of our customers.

“Additionally, we manage the product lifecycle to promote continuity – using evergreen colourways and excluding promotions – to promote slow fashion and reduce waste.”

Vegan cactus leather

Further, Fossil added, “The cactus leather manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and responsible, avoiding herbicides, pesticides and irrigation.

“The cacti are harvested in such a way as to ensure repeated harvesting and the cacti are dried in the sun to maximize energy savings. Its leaves regenerate every six to eight months.

However, Fossil is not the only brand to have partnered with the award-winning Desserto brand.

Last month, the star collaborated with Swedish fashion giant H&M on their Science Story collection.

The company has also partnered with shoe brand CLAE and luxury fashion house Karl Lagerfeld.

You can see the full range here

* This article was updated on April 13 to correct the price of Kier Cactus leather tote bags


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