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Presentation of Grafea

Motivated by his love of artistic excellence, Charis Kioupouroglou founded the Manchester-based Grafea leather goods brand in 2005. well generates a full selection of additional bags as well as accessories, from colorful fur pom poms to modest saddle handbags. Almost all Grafea handbags are created with a precise determination of top quality and optimism that each product can nonetheless look wonderful years from now.

Why is Grafea great?

The concept was to create an item that could be beautiful and also durable. The styles are imbued with the latest passion for fashionable and comfortable natural beauty as well as the everlasting superior quality that the originals motivate. Grafea is happy to be the leather-based expertise section of the Renaissance and they want to move forward with a nod to the long term of superior craftsmanship as well as extended quality. Grafea is currently developing Manchester market stalls, in dark and white color photo boxes, estate jewelry, vinyl accounts as well as old leather trunks. It is in the long run something distinctive in someone’s palms. They always create leather handbags from the beautiful natural leather, in line with the classic vintage British design.

Grafea products


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Bags for women

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Leather goods

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Grafea offers the natural white leather-based backpack is the ideal item to punctuate the dress code. Made from supple leather in white color, the large backpack features a large interior pocket with leather string closure as well as three wallets on the front and side walls with buckle closure. Both useful and adaptable, the ‘Bianca’ bag could be offered in a classic way with a pair of removable and adjustable shoulder straps or with a folded head loop. They have exceptional customer service, which works the best for their customers. When you visit their sites you don’t have to struggle so much, all you have to do is click and sign up, that’s it.


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