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Four reasons why you should invest in a high-quality leather wallet

October 8, 2020


A leather wallet can be a handy tool at home or on the go. Some people, especially men, consider this item to be a valuable accessory for several reasons. It can carry cash and cards, as well as various ID cards to flash if needed. Apart from that, here are four other benefits of using a high quality leather wallet:

Keeps your credit and debit card information intact

A great reason to invest in a high quality leather wallet is that it can prevent identity theft. A well-designed leather wallet is great because it can protect against someone who wants to steal your credit card information.

Note that today’s technology can make it easier to steal credit card information. Several payment terminals now have features in which users only have to tap their cards on the surface of the device instead of a swiping motion. Many believe that this technology can prevent identity theft caused by card skimming. But, this can open up new risks as some people can use the terminal to scan credit and debit cards inside wallets.

However, high-quality leather wallets tend to be thick enough to withstand readings from outside sources. Therefore, even if a person holds a payment terminal on a thick wallet, the device cannot read the card information unless it is removed.

Aesthetically pleasing

Shop for stylish accessories from a trusted source, such as for men’s leather wallets, and you can have peace of mind knowing that every leather item in your set is the right one. A trendy rule of thumb is to match all worn leather items, including belts, watch straps, and wallets.

Many people think of genuine leather as a premium item, and for good reason. While genuine leather wallets don’t come cheap, you’ll be packing an accessory in style that will match your other leather goods.

If you’re struggling to find a wallet that matches your other leather goods, consider bringing your other everyday leather items to the store while you shop for your wallet. For those who buy online, read the product description to make sure the leather items match.


Genuine leather tends to outlast its synthetic counterpart. While many people think that synthetic leather may look more like an authentic item, note that many artificial leather products have plastic constructions. In some cases, these faux leather wallets even come from some form of glue.

Genuine leather, on the other hand, has grain. This component, which when rubbed and dried, is what gives the product its visual appeal. So, think of a high quality genuine leather wallet like a pair of leather boots – the more they are worn, the more beautiful they are. This is because natural leather tends to be quite durable. It can also contain natural oils which protect the material over time. Leather can be treated with certain cleaning products. Otherwise, let it dry using natural elements.

Easy to maintain

Another reason to opt for buy quality leather wallets instead of going cheap is upkeep. Faux leather tends to be quite difficult to clean and maintain. Using harsh chemical cleaners can produce synthetic leather shavings, causing the cheap material underneath to reveal itself. On your turn, you are going to pull out a ruined-looking wallet every time an item needs to be paid for. On the other hand, cleaning and maintaining high quality genuine leather tends to be relatively easy. Also, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

First, clean the wallet with a special leather cleaner, secondly, have the accessory cleaned by a professional. In any case, once the material is dry, apply a protective layer on it to protect your investment. Make sure the coat does not leave streaks so the cleaner can be reused when dry for extra protection.

Then treat the leather with oil, such as coconut oil. Apply the oil to the leather daily for about two weeks or until it begins to heal (if damaged). The leather will begin to look like it was recently purchased from the store during this time.

Final words

Remember not to skimp on purchasing a high quality leather wallet. This accessory can do more than keep money and cards. It helps protect your identity. In addition, its aesthetic characteristics are undeniable. Buy a leather wallet from a reputable brand or retailer today, and you will never be able to use any other type of wallet again.

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