Hit the road in style with the Detlev Louis leather jacket for women

Few things are as timeless as a beautiful leather jacket. Whether or not you ride a motorcycle, a beautifully designed leather jacket is certainly a nice addition to your wardrobe, especially now as we enter the coldest time of the year. For those of you who live in temperate areas that offer bearable driving conditions this time of year, there’s a good chance you’ve stocked your wardrobe with hot gear.

For all the women who love to watch them fly while staying safe aboard their two-wheeled mounts, Detlev Louis has released a new house brand jacket called the DL-JW-5. While her name is bland, her style certainly isn’t. It uses a classic leather jacket style, making it equal parts riding gear and fashion accessories. Its rather plain styling makes it a very versatile jacket, and is easy to mix and match with all types of riding gear, as well as your favorite street outfit. Some nuances such as its topstitched shoulders and padded lower back, however, give it a motorcycle-specific aesthetic.

The new Detlev Louis jacket is made of 0.9-1.1mm thick goatskin on the outside and a fixed polyester and cotton lining on the inside. The inner liner sports a vintage pattern and is reinforced with an abrasion resistant 600D fabric located on injury prone areas. The seams are also reinforced. Xelion CellShield elbow and shoulder protectors are standard and can be adjusted to provide the perfect fit. Meanwhile, the jacket is ready to accommodate back protection thanks to an integrated pocket.

To ensure a perfect fit, the Detlev Louis DL-JW-5 has adjustable straps at the cuffs and waist, as well as a snap button on the collar to close it up to the neck. For added convenience, it comes with five pockets and a connecting zipper at the waist. Overall, this jacket carries a Class A PPE certification and is available in sizes 36-46. Note that it is only available in black and costs 299.99 euros, which is the equivalent of US $ 339.