Kourtney Kardashian’s leather jacket comes from Travis Barker’s closet

When you and your partner spend a lot of time together, especially during a pandemic, your habits and lifestyle can become confused. It can even extend to the beauty products you use or the way you dress. (You slowly find yourself walking out of the apartment while wearing the same all-black outfit, or you both accidentally coordinate in t-shirts and sweatpants.) Example. Recently, Kardashian wore Barker’s leather motorcycle jacket and proved that when it comes to their couple style, they are always in sync.

Since Kardashian started dating the Blink 182 musician, her wardrobe vibes have shifted noticeably from a chic and glamorous kitchen to a more edgy punk rock outfit. In a moment shared with her Instagram Stories, Kardashian took a photo of herself wearing a shiny leather jacket from Barker’s closet. The reality TV star paired the menswear with a John Galliano Spring 2018 lace dress, Veneda Carter x Flatlist glasses sunglasses and a pair of prada combat boots. She completed her look with a roomy Hermès Birkin bag in black leather, which added a polished touch. The photo was accompanied by a cheeky caption that read, “Sorry if you can’t wear your boyfriend’s clothes.” It looks like the jacket is Barker’s recent benchmark, as the piece has already been spotted on Kardashian’s social media and on his own.

The fact that Kardashian and Barker share wardrobes isn’t too surprising, as the couple frequently wear coordinating outfits. This recent clothing swap served as further proof that their styles are merging. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are another Hollywood duo that is clearly on par with the style. They both have worn similar outfits in leather and black before. The couple even hung out with Kardashian and Barker multiple times, giving them plenty of opportunities to swap style secrets.

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