Lego sued by artist over ‘Queer Eye’ star Antoni Porowski’s leather jacket

  • Lego is sued by an artist over his toy leather jacket in a new ‘Queer Eye’ set.
  • Artist James Concannon says the company copied a leather jacket he designed for ‘Queer Eye’ star Antoni Porowski without permission.
  • Concannon seeks damages for infringement of its intellectual property rights.

Lego is being sued by an artist who says the toy company reproduced a leather jacket he designed in his “Queer Eye Fab 5 Loft” set without consent.

In the lawsuit seen by Insider, filed in Connecticut district court last month, Concannon says Lego created a “blatant copycat” of a leather jacket he specially designed and gifted to the ‘Queer’ star. Eye” Antoni Porowski which was worn on the show. Concannon says Porowski is a fan of his art and they connected on social media and then in person after he asked to wear one of Concannon’s t-shirts during the rebooted show’s first season.

Concannon, who has since designed a number of outfits for Porowski, said in the lawsuit that Netflix would normally ask for consent to feature an outfit in “Queer Eye,” however, he says he was not given a consent form. discharge regarding the leather jacket and assumed it was an “oversight”.

Antoni Porowski's jacket worn in

Antoni Porowski’s jacket worn in “Queer Eye” in real life (left) and in Lego form (right).

U.S. District Court of Connecticut

The artist says he contacted Lego after seeing that the “Lego Queer Eye Fab 5 Loft” set copied “the unique placement, coordination and arrangement of individual art elements” from the original jacket. Concannon said the company made it clear in its marketing that the toy jacket was based on the real one he designed.

Concannon added that when he first contacted Lego, he was offered a free “Fab 5 Loft” set, which sells for $99, for his 6-year-old son. When the toy never came, he says he contacted Lego again and was told that the previous operator had made a mistake and that Lego does not give away his games for free.

After seeking legal advice, Concannon says he wrote a cease-and-desist letter to Lego in hopes the company would compensate him or pay him royalties. Concannon says he uses the money from his art to support his family and manage his type 1 diabetes.

The lawsuit says Lego rejected Concannon’s letter, saying Concannon granted Netflix an “implied license” after he gifted the jacket to Porowski knowing the ‘Queer Eye’ star would wear it on the show, which meant Netflix could license Lego to recreate the design.

Lego declined to comment on ongoing legal proceedings when contacted by Insider.