Patent leather shoes, skirts, jackets and more that will help you shine this fall

When it comes to fashion, fall is the season of comfortable textures, rich prints and luxurious finishes. This is when fluffy knits, classic throws and PVC really take center stage. And while patent leather shoes reign supreme when it comes to items that offer a super shiny shine, patent jackets, shoes, bags, belts and more have time to shine this season, too. . Get ready to channel your Inner Trinity (this is a reference to The Matrix, for those of you born after 1999) because liquid leather from head to toe has never looked so cool.

Remember when Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik rocked a futuristic couple style when they stepped out in matching black trench coats in January of this year? Hadid’s trench coat was patent and she looked cool AF. She has been heralded as having one of the coolest styles lately thanks to her styling team, so if Gigi is already rocking the PVC trend then you know it must be chic.

If you only want to wear a touch of gloss here and there (i.e. outside of your lips), that’s totally cool. Rather than opting for a shiny black skirt and matching jacket, go for either or, simply slip a patent belt around your hips for a super subtle shine. You can find all of these articles and more below.

Crumpled cut

Who else wants fries now? While not edible, this crumpled biker jacket is exceptionally cool thanks to its intentionally worn aesthetic and understated yet still-present shine.

Unburden it

Tortoiseshell sunglasses are classically chic, but what about a patent tortoiseshell bag? Yes, just as cool.

Optical illusion

Alright, I know what you’re thinking. But before you totally dismiss those pants that seem to have a thong that sticks out, imagine them with a black crew-neck sweater or a white button-down shirt. They’re bold, insanely ’90s, and unmistakably sexy.

In point

With their pointed toes, delicate stud details, and geometric block heels, these raised Mary Janes are the opposite of boredom.


Add a pastel touch to your fall wardrobe with this powder blue patent mini skirt. He would look great in white ankle boots and an oversized chunky sweater.

Trinity 2.0

It is water resistant, shiny and comes with a tie belt. What more could you ask for in a trench coat?

Get a size

This belt will go with anything from a dress to jeans and a sweater to a mini skirt. Belts are so often overlooked when it comes to accessories that pack a punch, add this one to your wardrobe now.

Ruby slippers

These won’t get you home when you click on their heels, but they will make sure that none of your outfits are considered bland again.

Patent law

Anyone who lives in a city that drops below 55 degrees in winter should own a black patent skirt. This is my fashion rule because it goes with everything and can be effortlessly dressed or relaxed.

Business as usual

Ideal for the office and beyond.

hot red

Change up your black patent set with a touch of red in the form of a skirt.

Your new must-haves

Their heels are short but their figure always turns heads.

Zip it up

If miniskirts aren’t your style, try this option that hits slightly above the knee instead.

Two in one

More varnished tortoiseshell waistband. Win win.

Baby biker

Your favorite fall basic, but in a super shiny form.


Because beef blood will never go out of style.

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