Review: Stylish Danny P Leather Wallet Holds iPhone 6 / 6s Plus, Cards and Cash

Accessory maker Danny P. is looking to give iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus users dual convenience with its new Leather wallet with case for iPhone 6 Plus, which includes seven credit / debit card slots, a back folder for cash, and a pocket for the larger iPhone. The case, which is available via Apple’s own online store, measures 6.81 inches tall with a width of approximately 4.13 inches and aims to remain slim and discreet even when stocked with an iPhone and various credit cards.

After a week of use, I found that Danny P.’s leather wallet case adheres to the company’s bulleted list of promises describing the case on their website, especially when it comes to quality. satisfactory of the materials used to make the iPhone accessory. Anyone with a pocket or bag to house its vertically spacious design will easily find a lot to love about the case, especially those looking for an all-in-one housing solution for monetary and iPhone protection needs.


The left part of the foldout containing the seven credit card slots inside the leather wallet case has an opening on the top and right sides to hold a few dollars in cash, or any other piece of paper or thin notes . The slot that actually contains the iPhone is a full sleeve, preventing access to the screen and smartphone inputs with the sole exception of the home button and Touch ID (if you slide it upside down) .

Like most cases, the interior of Danny P.’s product has a soft suede finish to make it easier to slide the iPhone in and out of the pocket and prevent it from getting scratched when housed. The company logo is also beautifully inconspicuous both on the face of the wallet and on the bottom of the iPhone sleeve, although that depends a bit on the Italian leather finish used on each version of the case. Danny P. sent me the all-black option, and it’s perfect for anyone looking for a discreet accessory.

When fully packed with seven credit, debit and rewards cards, cash, and the iPhone, the thickness of the case measured just under an inch for me on a day-to-day basis, which I found surprisingly space-saving considering the amount of content I placed inside. Danny P. also encourages the iPhone to be placed upside down as previously mentioned to access both the headphone jack and Touch ID for fast Apple Pay payments.


As someone who uses a traditional bifold wallet, the leather wallet case was a little intimidating initially compared to the smaller sized wallets I’m used to. After using it for a few days, however, I was surprised at how easily I acclimated to the size of the case.

Danny P 5 wallet
Of course, there are many factors that will change how I use it in the future. On the one hand, the leather wallet case is mainly marketed to professional type people on the go, who have large chest pockets or handy bags on a daily basis. I’m not the target market there, but a few of my winter jackets and hoodies have helped the case go largely unnoticed.

Danny P 6 wallet
Alternatively, trying to tuck Danny P.’s case within the confines of jeans pockets is more complicated. I was able to handle it, but that’s not what the business case is for, and having the nearly seven-inch tall case sticking out of your back pocket is not recommended. trousers. I can see his size becoming an issue for me the closer I get to the warmer months, with fewer jackets and overcoats I have to wear to make room for the suitcase.

Leather finish

As a company that markets not only third-party technology products, but also traditional products Clothing & Accessories Also, the quality of the material of the leather wallet case was easily my favorite part of its daily use. I am normally a fan of color (the Brown / blue version of the same case is definitely my favorite), but even the uniform black of the case sent for review won me over pretty quickly.

Danny P wallet 1
The leather is smooth and pleasant to the touch, yet tactile and grippy enough to make it easy to remove and add credit cards. As Danny P. mentions on his Faq, leather is a “living” material that stretches over time. So while the card slots were a bit tight at first, the card slots and iPhone sleeve were a lot easier to use after just a week of breaking in. As for space for cards, seven slots might not be enough for some, but it was actually the perfect number for me.

Danny P Wallet 2
These card slots are well secured, but the open envelope section for the money was not as reliable. A few times when I reopened the wallet to check my phone or collect money, it would spill onto the iPhone side of the case. Pushing the money further into the corner of the crease helps, but it also makes the money harder to get back quickly.

IPhone protection

The Danny P. case also provided reliable protection for my iPhone 6s Plus, albeit somewhat rudimentary in execution overall. The sleeve housing the iPhone is normally tight to keep things secure, so don’t expect to store the iPhone inside with a case (I tried with Apple’s leather case and didn’t could not pass in front of the camera).

As a result, the leather wallet case offers no protection once you remove the iPhone from the sleeve, a feature I didn’t particularly like when checking my iPhone outside of the house. But as a simple stick, the biggest problem for some might be the lack of immediate access to the iPhone screen while still remaining in the wallet.

Danny P wallet 8
Granted, that would be the main reason why I ultimately went back to a separate wallet and phone case solution, although anyone with an Apple Watch should have much of that required screen verification lightened up. I tested the notifications without my Apple Watch and found the case did little to muffle the normal iPhone alert volume, but the same somewhat tedious process of removing your iPhone just to see who calling or texting still applies.

In terms of a music companion, the design of the case allows access to the iPhone’s headphone jack, but anyone who prefers quick access to music controls aside from the built-in music remote on Apple’s EarPods. or other headphones will probably be more frustrated than not while using the leather wallet case.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay basically worked like Danny P. promised he would do it on his site. With the Touch ID button exposed at the top of the leather wallet case, all users need to do is double-tap the home button with their Touch ID-approved finger and press the case. on an NFC terminal.

Danny P wallet 7
I tested the case on my local GameStop and only encountered one problem: the first time I didn’t press the Home button twice quickly enough to bring up Apple Pay and my iPhone went unlocked. I had to take the iPhone out of the case, lock it, and then put it back in for a second try, but when I was finally quick enough, Apple Pay registered my iPhone through Danny P’s case. like a charm. Without quick access to the screen and lock buttons, the lightning-fast response of Touch ID on the iPhone 6s Plus is the only potential hurdle the leather wallet case has to overcome when it comes to Apple Pay.

Final result

The three colors available for Danny P.’s leather wallet with iPhone 6 Plus case – brown, brown / blue and black – should provide enough aesthetic variety for anyone interested in the accessory. And since this is a much more publicly featured product than traditional wallets given its size, the smooth edges and fine leather finish easily make the case a universally stylish everyday companion.

The caveat is of course that it still won’t appeal to anyone who just doesn’t have the pocket or bag space for its size, which was designed to accommodate the 5.5-inch screen of the. iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus. It might be a niche market, but if you have a big screen iPhone, are looking for a quality wallet case, and use a bag or jacket with large pockets on a daily basis, Danny P’s accessory . should be high on your shopping list.


  • Sleek design
  • High quality leather
  • Minimal construction helps reduce bulk
  • Easily accessible credit / debit card slots
  • Apple Pay Support
  • Secure iPhone case

The inconvenients

  • Sleeve prevents immediate access to the iPhone screen
  • Folding for money can lead to disorganized spills
  • Opens the naked iPhone to potential vulnerability when pulled out of the sleeve
  • Dear

How to buy

Danny P.’s Leather Wallet with Case for iPhone 6 Plus can be purchased from both official site and on Apple online showcase for $ 129.95. Currently, users can only purchase the black color option on Danny P.’s site and the brown version on, while the color-blocking blue / brown version is available on both websites. People interested in Danny P.’s style but without iPhone 6 / 6s Plus should check out similar cases for the iPhone 6 / 6s, iPhone 5 / 5s, and some Macbook Air and ipad cases sold by the company.

Danny P. provided a leather wallet case to MacRumors free for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

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