Shop Black Friday: Unoeth Handcrafted Leather Bags from Ethiopia

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If you’re like me, you go through the buying stages. Wait a minute, I want to purge everything and live a minimalist life. Next time I see shoes that I “need”. Clothes that I must have in my closet even if I’m not going anywhere. More recently, I found myself in a stock market phase. After the strap on the trusty leather backpack I bought in Cuba broke, I found myself in the market again.

And although I already have a bag in my possession, I may need to add another one from Unoeth.

UnoEth (pronounced: ooh-no-eth) are leather handbags handcrafted in Ethiopia and sold in Oakland, California.

According to their website, the brand run by father-daughter duo Dagne and Xiomara was launched after Dagne returned from Ethiopia to visit his family. He brought back leather goods for his family and friends and realized how much prized merchandise he had in his hands.

And the brand was born.

The site boasts that “All Unoeth products are handmade, 100% Ethiopian leather and made by artisans and small businesses in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. No two pieces are the same, which gives you quality pieces that are one of a kind.

Check out some of their flying pieces on the following pages.

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