Storing your Apple card in a leather wallet is a bad idea

Now that the Apple Card is available, Apple added a page to its support website on how to keep it clean. But the page also reveals something astonishing: keeping your card in a leather wallet or a jeans pocket is a very bad idea.

The Apple card has a white finish with the name of the credit card holder and the laser engraved Apple logo. The white color is achieved “through a multi-layer coating process added to the titanium base material”. I doubt that many people have thought about how to keep their cards clean until now, but like most things from Apple, it’s a design object as much as it is functional and needs to be maintained.

Keeping the Apple card clean is pretty straightforward. Wipe it down with a lint-free microfiber cloth; for a more thorough cleaning, dampen this cloth with isopropyl alcohol. Maintaining the white color of the card is more difficult, however, due to the way it reacts to different materials.

Leather wallets are quite common, as is wearing jeans. However, Apple warns that touching your Apple Card with leather or denim “may cause permanent discoloration that will not wash off.” So if you want to keep your new Apple Card looking like new, it’s time to swap that leather wallet or purse and stop slipping it into your jeans pocket. Doing either will likely damage it.

I’ll say it if no one else will, but tossing a credit card that you can’t keep in a leather wallet or jeans pocket is ridiculous. Apple gave the card a certain appearance, but clearly never took the time to consider what materials it would come in contact with most often. Leather in particular was always going to be at the top of this list.

Apple’s advice for storing the card is to use a wallet, pocket, or bag “made of soft materials.” Do not store it next to other cards, keys or coins to avoid scratching, and magnets should be avoided. This is all common sense, but Apple should be very clear that you can’t use a leather wallet. Instead, we are now likely to have an influx of “Apple Card compatible” wallets on the market.

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