this biker leather jacket is made from the crumbling of racing tires

made from racing tire rubber polymers

the newly born company, brutus, has recently burst into the world of made in italy fashion and design thanks to a significant investment of energy, resources and money. this investment is set to continue at the highest level thanks to the realization of an ambitious project born from a simple intuition of the founding team: dyeing vegetable-tanned leather with more extreme pigments than ever. the first innovative color they announce is the ‘donut sp’ (special production), made from rubber polymers obtained from the crumbling of racing tires used in major world competitions. their corporate mission was born out of a deep passion for the world of motors and two-wheelers, so this treatment best represents them.
all images courtesy of brutus

recycle and reuse

this new dye further reinforces the concept of reuse and recycling already inherent in vegetable-tanned leathers from the food industry. they raise it to the nth degree by touching on key points to which public opinion is sensitive in the face of the important macro-theme of pollution. synthetic rubber can thus take on a new form and a new existence.

brutus worked for months on research and development, conducted many tests, and created different types of clothing samples. these immediately showed the positive characteristics of this new material such as increased durability and resistance to abrasion, in the case of synthetic polymers, as well as an extremely pleasant feeling due to the tactile particularity. to achieve this, we have worked closely with great craftsmen and expert dyers, our partners in this wonderful innovative path.tire pellets on leather jacket donut sp brutus special production 2

alex innocent as brand ambassador brutus

to announce this release, brutus has chosen a friend and extreme personality in the world of engines, the pilot alex innocenti, emblem of ducati pramac, and defender of the marvelous reality of di.di (otherwise handicapped), a new brand ambassador brutal. a paraplegic athlete and pilot deployed by the puntomoto corsican team of luca scassa in the bridgestone iron cup european championship, which includes events at the highest level in the main national and european circuits, as well as an official di.di. instructor for anyone who wants to get closer to driving a motorcycle, despite any form of disability.tire pellets on leather jacket donut sp brutus special production 3

this biker leather jacket is made from the crumbling of racing tires

project info:

Last name: SP donut leather treatment
author’s website: Federico Rizzo

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