Tom Holland knows everyone needs a great leather jacket

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David M. Benett

Tom holland

No, it’s not a costume. But our Men of the Year cover star knows that the right leather jacket, worn the right way, can make you look stylish enough to fit through just about any door. The ingredients are simple: keep it simple, basically. Wear black. Chelsea boots still work. Nice pants instead of jeans, if you can. It really is that simple.

Taylor Hill

Jonas hill

Hill and his girlfriend Sarah Brady (rightfully so) receive a lot of love for their matching costumes. Even better? Their matching slippers!

Kevin Winter

Ahmed Rice

A good reminder that a shirt and tie is not the only way to make a costume look great.

Rich Fury

Lil nas x

Find a jacket like this to live this winter.

Alexandre tamargo

Lenny kravitz

Double animal prints are hard to do… but when you’re Lenny Kravitz, “tough” doesn’t mean impossible.

Jason mendez

Jake Lacy

Just killer proportions here.

Astrid Stawiarz

Léon Bridges

Bridges makes a fatal case for the flare. (And reminds us that if you want to try something a little weird, doing it all in black is a good way to start.)

John phillips

James norton

Do you see what we mean?

Rachel Murray

Jon bernthal

This guy knows that every wardrobe needs a brown suit.

Zach Beeker


No, we don’t know why Drake showed up on the field at the Thunder-Grizzlies game in Oklahoma City. But we have a pretty good idea of ​​why he was wearing a comfy brown coat. (Because why the hell wouldn’t he?)